athlete fundraising, training
and brand building

ALUZZION derived from the word  “allusion” A passing or casual reference; an incidental mention of something.

ALUZZION was made by athletes to benefit the athlete in us all. We are all striving to reach the top. Desire, drive, determination – these are words that we all recognize and appreciate no matter what your passion is in. Our mountain is our passion and getting to the top of that mountain is where ALUZZION comes in. ALUZZION is not just a name. It is a movement and commitment for all of us to push forward and overcome. Despite the obstacles that lay in our way each day, we vow to go through, climb over or around them…. Then we wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

How we can help!

Benefits For The Athlete In All Of Us


Aluzzion was created to help athletes, teams and clubs achieve their goals. The Aluzzion Sports Box is an easy “Touch and Go” fundraising component. Nothing to stock, nothing to store.

Video Training

Professional athletes utilize Video for their training all the time. By utilizing the Aluzzion Platform you too can create opportunities for growth, education and improvement for your healthy lifestyle.

Brand Building

You have been blessed with a skill/talent that has given so much to you. How do you give back? The Aluzzion platform will help you give back to the sport you love and help you build and increase your opportunities.

There will never be anything casual or incidental about your passionate journey through life. So you have within one word, two separate choices. Allusion which represents the norm, casual and incidental. And AluZZion which represents “the climb.” In order to move your mountain you will have to commit to putting one foot in front of another time and time again. You are not alone. We’re all in it. Let’s stomp rocks together!